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The MMORPG gaming genre has become extremely popular nowadays, with sites like mmogtop mu increasing in number. This goes to show that indeed, both online and mobile gaming have already stepped up in terms of the things you can do. With that said, there are sites like mmogtop which shows a haven of servers which are dedicated for a certain gamem and allows you to see the most popular MMORPG servers in terms of user’s votes. This allows you to see which ones really deliver, and which ones are the best sites to be playing in. What are the top three, according to their site? Let’s find out below!


With more than 13,000 votes and winning via a landslide, Globalmu.net is one of the biggest private gaming projects in the internet world nowadays. There are 4 different sets, namely Blood Angel, Holy Angel, Dark Angle, and Awakening, with a new tier 2 set of items for Arch Angel. It also comes with an offtrade system, and if you sell your Wcoins to other players, you have the option of staying offline. It also has a PVP system which is system-balanced, and also a weekly castle siege which takes the fun up a notch.


A private serve which comes with 2 worlds, specifically Medium exp and NORESET exp with a set of resents. The events are held on an hourly basis, and hence there’s always going to be a reason for you to visit the site. The bosses are hard to defeat, and makes the game even more challenging, as they undergo respawning every 2 hours or so, such as Kundum boss. They also have 2 servers to cater to clients better, specifically NOPVP and PVP, so play to your heart’s delight!