In a world that’s heavily reliant on web technology, it is mandatory for every business or anything else remarkable to have an online presence. The easiest way to let people know an online existence is to create a website, and a blogging platform is apparently the easiest possible way. To make blogging even easier, lots of free blogger templates are being generated and distributed across the web. Although maybe this isn’t a difficult task for advanced web admins, but for beginners even choosing a simple blog template would become overwhelming. Following some tips may make the job lot easier and worthy of the time invested.


  • Responsive is a ‘Must Have’: Gone are the days when one could choose a free blogger template without responsive design. People mostly visit a website from their smartphones, and you can’t tell when they’d switch to a larger screen. Hence, not having responsive design can’t be an option.
  • Simple Design is the Key: Free templates are usually very simple because for no payment, there wouldn’t really be much of features of functions in the website to consider. However, choose a template that keeps the designing simple and eye-pleasing. Visitors look for information, and a distracting design isn’t very pleasing.
  • Browser Compatibility and Plugins: The lesser number of plugins a website relies on, the higher compatibility it gains. Also, make sure the template you pick supports majority of popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari etc.


  • SEO Friendly: Although the Google algorithm has changed and SEO isn’t the only way to bring in visitors, but SEO never runs out of style. A free blogger template should have all the necessary bits and pieces of SEO and easier modification capability as well.


A free blogger template may serve the purpose for a while, but long term commitments are done lot better through paid templates.

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