Figuring out what to gift your dad on this father’s day? In this era of 21st century, there are plenty of options and ideas to make your father’s day a memorable one for your dad.

It is understood that gifting chocolates, key chains, diaries, organizers are too mainstream as they won’t last much longer.  For instance, key chains break. If the calendar year gets over, the diary is of no use. So, here are 5 unique and personalized gifts that you can gift your dad on this father’s day and make the day a memorable one:

1) Personalised Mugs:


When it comes to unique and personalized Hong Kong gifts, there is no other long-lasting gift like a personalized mug.
You can always create a personalized mug by adding memorable or nostalgic images on the mug. Such a  gift will last longer and will always remain in memories. There are several websites where you can get personalized mugs such as ZoomIn, Print Venue among others. These websites offer a variety of customized mugs. One can locate any retail outlets that offer customized mugs.

2) Mobile Skin

Although a unique one, the images on it will surely make your dad nostalgic, by recalling memories of the photo. Personalized Mobile skins where a family photo’s will serve the feeling of being close to your loved ones. You can always find unique mobile skins for various cell phone models and hence there is no problem in searching at various places. Most often, local retail outlets gather almost all cell phone models mobile skins than any online website as it is easier to procure goods locally.

3) Luxury Pens

Easily one of the best gifts ever to gift your dad on father’s day. Most often, the brand that is gifted is Parker Pens. You can easily get Parker pens customized by engraving a name on it. Often, your dad will be working and most of the time need a pen everywhere they go. But a pen with their name engraved on it will make them feel amazing. For fathers who love various pens, this is definitely going to be a memorable one.


4) Photo Magnets

What could be better than to have a family photo on a photo magnet that can be attached to a product like the refrigerator?

Yes! Everyone would love it. Why not? Gift your dad, a personalized photo magnet with a family pic one and stick it on your refrigerator, you get to see the photo daily!!

5) USB Flash Drive

Well! Not a bad idea to gift those dads who are businessmen or who uses a laptop for work and carry USB flash drives all the time for presentations.

Wishing a very happy father’s day to all father’s out there!

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