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Having flawless and smooth skin is a dream of every woman. Women undergo many skin treatments to get their ideal skin type that is free from spots, pimples and facial hair. Dermaplaning is one such skin treatment that involves exfoliation of the top most skin layer. This procedure uses surgical scalpel which is held at 45 degrees to remove the dead skin and hair. This treatment is restricted only to the face minus the nose and eyebrows. Dermaplaning  can be done every month for about 30 minutes. This treatment can be done by a doctor, a nurse or an esthetician. Ibrow Academy provides with a one day certification of dermaplane course.

Dermaplaning helps to regenerate the cells and improve the penetration of products through the skin. Facial hair lead to accumulation of dirt particles and oily skin. Dermaplaning helps to get rid of facial hair and acne scars. However, dermaplaning is not meant for people with a lot of facial hair. Since this treatment removes the dead skin, it gives a healthy, bright and smooth look. Dermaplaning is more beneficial on dry skin and gives an even skin tone. Old people with mature skin type are also benefitted with this treatment. People with excessive oily skin should particularly avoid this treatment. People with more acne should also avoid this treatment as it may give an irritating and sore skin.

This skin treatment procedure first involves cleansing of face with an antiseptic. After cleaning, an exfoliate is applied and then it is shaved using the sterile scalpel. It is always recommended to end the procedure by applying different types of serums. It is always better to keep atelast a gap of 6 weeks between two sessions otherwise it may give a peeling skin. Since dermaplaning requires a certain skill and technique, it is not recommended to try at home. It is best to take advice from an expert before going through this treatment.

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