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There is a whole range of pet care products available in the market. So much so that it is an industry in itself. But still in a few cases, the pet owner might not get exactly what he is looking for. For instance, it is difficult to get a dog kennel exactly as per one’s dog’s size or breed. In such cases, the owner might decide to build one, which can be tricky, especially, if it’s an outdoor dog kennel.

Building a Dog kennel – Guidelines:

  • Deciding a Location-

It is the first and the most important thing to decide since everything else will depend on it like its size, materials to be used, the design of the kennel will mostly depend on its location.

  • Materials to be used-

The most common material used for building dog kennels is Concrete, which is durable, tough and long lasting. Proper measure should be taken to avoid its cracking. Other options are steel, wood or gravel.


  • Fencing-

Fencing a dog kennel becomes absolutely essential especially if it’s an outside dog kennels. Chain link fencing has always been a popular choice for both outside and inside kennels because of its easy installation, durability, low cost and efficient usage.

  • Shade-

Providing a shade is important in case of an outdoor kennel to give dogs some cover from the hot weather, rain, sun or snow.

  • Providing a water source-

Providing an independent water source in an outdoor kennel is a good idea. The clean up becomes much easier and frequent with it.

  • Floor designs-

The floors of the kennels should be designed to give enough slope to them. This will avoid any collection of water inside. Also use of gravels should be avoided in floors since they make cleaning feces difficult and a concern.


  • Electrical connection-

A lot of pet owners decide on having lights in the kennel for the purpose of security and safety of the pet. Others also provide a way for air conditioning. All of this requires an installation of electric lines in the kennel that should also be safe besides being helpful.

Whether you decide to build a new kennel for your dog or re build an old one, the above guidelines will surely help you to have a better end product that would be safe, clean and easy to maintain over a longer period of time.

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