Looking around our rooms, homes and offices we can safely declare that we heavily rely on technology. Majority of items and property now have digital counterparts, and this also includes our memories. An electronic photo frame is a great way to show off dozens and hundreds of memories without all the clutter that comes with printing the said photos for a traditional photo frame. A room that’s littered with photo frames, so much that you can’t even see most of them, is not all that entertaining; certainly not something you want to show your guests.large digital frame

Aluratek ADMPF108F

Users loved the design of the frame itself, it makes it all that easier to instantly view the photos, although some state that the colors look a little dim. Keep in mind that this particular model does not connect to the Wi-Fi, so if the photos you want to add are in your social media accounts then you have to take a few extra steps to get them. The reason why it’s high up on reviews is that it’s surprisingly user friendly, just plug in the memory card and you’re good to go.large digital frameNot only can it display photos but it does a great job at showing off videos as well, you know that cute video of your child or grandchild? Yup, you can show them off without a sweat. Those pictures on your social media accounts can be easily saved and transferred. Aluratek ADMPF108F offers about 518MB of internal memory, it’s not that big but that’s why it has a port for your memory card. The internal memory is just there to keep your favorite memories in an easily accessible place. Best of all, the frame can store and play music thanks to the built in speakers.