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Photography is a blooming industry and an interesting career option. Many students are now looking forward to take it up as a career option. Like every other field there is a lot of competition in photography as well. Although most photographers start it as a hobby, professional training through photography workshops can prove to be a boon to their career. Why not pursue your hobby and take it to a whole new level?

Photography is not limited field it has several branches to it, the most popular ones being fashion, travel, heritage, nature, aerial, artistic, event, landscape, panorama and underwater photography. Now you might be a good amateur photographer and you may wonder why you need a workshop if you’re already good at photography. Well if you are attending photography workshop then photographers puerto Vallarta will help you to get in touch with the different genres of photography; you can explore the area that best suits your interest. You will also learn about the different types of lenses, cameras and other photography equipments also when and how to use them. Techniques such as camera angles, camera settings, aperture and depth of field, natural and artificial lightning, photo editing will be taught to you. Also through such workshops you are likely to come in touch with other people of the same interests and it is likely that in their company you will learn so much more.


Photography Workshops mostly last a few days or weeks so if you are a student or working professional you can take up these workshops during your holidays or weekends. These workshops also conduct tours which are fun and a great learning experience as well. So if you’ve had a photographer inside you that’s willing to come out of its shell, just follow your passion and there’s no telling where your dreams might take you.

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From the childhood days, to the teenager’s life, we all had been through this word “Philosophy”.  The word “philosopher” used as an adjective for the author in our literature and history books. It appears to be boring and weird. It is considered something related to كتبor studying.  But in reality it is nothing like that. So what does this word actually means? What it is related to?

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To define philosophy in simple terms, then it is study of reality. Philosophy is made of two words: philo and Sophia. Philo indicates devotion and Sophia symbolizes wisdom. So in all Philosophy is the term used to indicate devotion or love to the wisdom. It is the investigation that deals with the nature. It is deep thought process evolving subject that concerns mainly with fundamental matters like knowledge, Values, language, existence, reason and mind. It can be used as a synonym of learning or wisdom. It deals with providing meaning to life and explores a new set of ideas. It deals with living a wise life that includes all the phases of life.


And the people who study this subject are termed as philosophers. Philosophers are basically the persons who try to attain this wisdom. They are the people who are not afraid of questions. Questions like:  What is the meaning of life?  Where is our society heading up? What is love? Etc are the problems that are ignored by commons. Commons like us are not very much comfortable with these questions and tend to ignore them in public. But philosophers take them seriously. They give a deep thought to these issues, observe society and themselves, and do a great research on it.

Philosophers challenge public opinion.

They just don’t simply accept the fact that is established and accepted by all. They think about the fact logically and then make an opinion. They are the people who focus to learn about themselves before anyone else.  They examine their own mind first; give importance of self-knowledge more than anything else.  They analyses their emotions and feelings. This way they prepare themselves for the counterintuitive, dangerous and unexpected situations.

Philosophers are the people who observe the tiny details of life very accurately and lead a life of fulfilment. Some of the famous philosophers of history are: Socrates, Aristotle, Confucius , Plato and many more.

So overall we can conclude that philosophy is not just a subject but it is a way to practice wisdom at both society as well as individual level.

Talking so much about philosophy and philosophers, one may find it very difficult and hard to approach. But this is not the case. Philosophy is the wide subject and there are many branches of it. You can choose any one and start working on it. Those branches are:

1.)    Metaphysics

2.)    Ethics

3.)    Politics

4.)    Epistemology

5.)    Esthetics

Metaphysics: Basically Metaphysics deals with the study of existence. It deals with the physics. In this branch basically laws of nature in which we are living are studied. Here we sought to find the question of answer: “What is?” This subject is basic foundation of philosophy.

Ethics:  This branch deals with the basic morals of human being. It defines the rights and wrongs of human spirit. It is basically the study of actions. It deals with the answering the question “What do I Do?” How should I react?  It is also referred by the name “moral philosophy “.

Politics: This subject is very much related to the branch of ethics. It defines the behaviour of a large group namely governments and nations. It is the subject dealing with the study of force. It defines the ethics related to a particular group that how a particular group should be set up and so on.

Epistemology: The most important thing is “How to pursue?” This branch deals with this question. It is basically the study of knowledge that defines our “How”.  It branch includes the topics like the logical reasoning, the nature of concepts, ideas, constructing of concepts etc.

Esthetics: This subject deals with the life. It defines the art. It is related to the study of art.

Apart from these, branches are several another branches too in philosophy. They are Philosophy of law, Philosophy of mathematics etc.