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There are a myriad of car rental companies that have been ranked the best in various lists. However, for the informed customer, it is important to research and decide for oneself as the criteria for judging may depend on ones’ own personal wants and likes. Here are a few criteria on which basis one can judge if the car rental they are contemplating to use, is worth the money :

  • Services Rendered:

A good car rental company will allow the customer to be rid of the headaches of renting cars such as the numerous check-ins and reservation one has to make, especially during a road trip. Seamless rental experience will come from renting from a company that has its branches in various locations. This will avoid the complications of looking for the check-in points, or even arranging the trip based on the rental company locations itself.

  • 760x350-Avis-Honda-07-Civic-Hybrid1Online reservation and check-ins is also a great way to bring more customer convenience and satisfaction. Reservation and check-in have often been the topic of complaints for those who have had to stand in queue for long hours just to get formalities done. This can also be achieved by simple online procedures.Other miscellaneous items such as GPS location, infant seat rentals, music system etc. are also signs of a rental system that puts an effort for customer satisfaction.
  • Environment-friendliness:

Top car rental companies also attempt to be more environment friendly by introducing services like hybrid vehicles and fuel-efficient options. Some customers who are environment-conscious may appreciate a vehicle that has a carbon-offset program. While some customers may opt for SUV’s, others may opt for economy cars and hybrids, which makes it important to have a wide range that is based on various considerations of customer preferences.

  • Customer Care and Support:

Some of the car rentals by locationrakotobe-mada.com/ have begun offering live chat interactions with customers. However, the most common ways of reaching the company is through phone calls and e-mail. Nonetheless, promptness and efficiency of customer help and support is a crucial aspect to keep in mind when judging the best car rental services. This is because road-assistance is important for the safety of the customers while they are on the road. Also, make sure to ask for insurance packages from the car rental company to ensure maximum safety.


  • Easy-to-navigate websites:

Online processing is the most convenient way to reserve booking for car rentals. However, when booking on websites, ensure that the location on the map for the pick-up and check-ins are clearly presented so as to avoid any future hassle of searching. Also, a search box on the website is useful to get prompt information on what the customer might be looking for. The reservation process, itself, should be easy (most preferably the reservation tool should be in the very homepage itself). Check-out should be simple and the whole process should be clearly navigable.

  • Range and Types:

In order to serve a wider customer range that have their separate preferences, it is unsurprising that one of the most important criterion of judging the best car rental are the models of cars offered. Individuals could have varied requirements such as minivans, pick-up trucks, convertibles, SUV’s, hybrids and so on. Moreover, the type of rentals offered could either be a one-time rental or a long-term rental. For the latter, it is appreciated if the company would offer discounts and other such incentives for the customer.