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Air fryers are one of those kitchen appliances which offer you to cook food without oil.

That sounds right for a healthy food

What? It is not possible cooking without oil.

It is possible perhaps. The air fryer duty is to replace the usage of oil with the air. It is a healthy kitchen appliance. The best air fryer in the market provide you the most reliable feature on your daily cooking demands. It is obvious that when a new product is been launched in the market, then there is no doubt a better and bitter competition in the market. It is said that the bitter competition because many of the brands start their products and then release in the market, some of them have fruitful acceptance but few of them will have bitter experience because of the customer’s disappointment. The first air fryers were started in North America and Europe in 2010 and then Japan started it selling which then followed by other countries.

The working of the air fryer cooking is circulating the hot air around the food to cook. At a high speed, the mechanical fan circulates the hot air around food. The temperature of the hot air will be at 200 degree census.

There are a lot of air fryers, but you need to research on internet.

It takes so much of your time, isn’t it? In that angle is the way this article will help you.

Now, we shall look at some considerations to pick the best air fryers in the market.


  • Capacity and Wattage:

A normal air fryer requires 800 to 1400 watts but before you go for a thought of buying one for you, make sure that you have the supply of required watts for an air fryer in your kitchen. Capacity is one more thing to look out for, in an air fryer. A general air fryer cooks in between 1.5 pounds to 2.5 pounds at one time. And the choice will be yours from then after, to pick one for you for your needs.

  • Settings and Size:

Almost all air fryers have the same design but few of the brands try to show case their product different from that of others.

Obviously, “First impression is always the best impression”

But air fryers are not to be placed in a shelf or a cupboard as a show piece because it has some work to be done. It has to perform some action to complete the daily food tasks. Most of the air fryers come with the 360 degree and with timers. But customers prefer high temperature air fryers so that they can finish their work within no time and more settings included improving the stability. Most of the air fryers are compact in size that fits in your kitchen space.

  • Features:

Most of the air fryers in the market consume minimum level of oil, but many of the customers go to the market in search for oil free air fryer. There are multipurpose air fryers which can make different types of food at a time. And other main features like digital programmable settings, non-stick surfaces and rapid cook technology.


  • Price:

No doubt, these air fryers can go start their prices in the market with a price tag of $100. As there are no stable calculations for price tag if you want a featured air fryer like easy cleanup and efficient frying. Those have the restricted budget can go with mid range air fryers, as they lack of features but there is nothing to do about it when you are up for the market with a restricted budget. And the people who are in the market for an air fryer and not worried about the budget can go for more options.

Considering these points in mind, we have one top winner which is best of the best:

  • Philips HD9220/26 Digital Air Fryer:

This is not one of the best air fryers, this is the best of the best air fryers in the market till date while considering the price and features that it offers. With a price tag of $165, it offers rapid cool technology and the most reliable air fryer. This Philips air fryer has been awarded with “best of best” award. It is obviously an expensive appliance, but when you consider the brand, you cannot take out your step in buying of Philips appliances, the most reliable brand in the market for appliances.

Some handy features and the higher customer rating brought this product into the competition and made this to be the best one to add to your kitchen environment. It has the double layer rack which can maximize the cooking surface and the digital touch screen which offers is the best in class and one can adjust the temperature to 390 degrees.


When you consider the taste of the food, you can have some delicious food with no calories and fat adding to your body. Manufacturer states that cooking food with this can reduce up to 70% of fat content.  All the customers of Philips air fryer mentioned the food taste to be good and textured fried food. If you want an appliance which can help you to make crispy fried food then this Philips is one brand which you can trust and go forward for a buy. The major problem with this air fryer is that it consumes more space in your kitchen and if you have small kitchen, then you could probably be face a lot of issues during the space. It has the higher quality in the market against its competitors.

Best bang for your buck:

  • GoWise USA 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer:

Among the different brands in the market of air fryers, it is one of the best air fryers in the market which can cook fast, with circulatory technology, it cooks low fat food.  At the price tag of $99, this air fryer has some good mid range features than can definitely be best for your bucks. Best for your bucks is the award which this air fryer was awarded.