Data entry is probably the easiest and simplest work from home jobs that you can find across the world. While the jobs are very helpful; the legitimacy is, however, dubious as one should be careful while deciding to work for a company using the basic sense and performing research. Intuition tells you that jobs that require low skills usually don’t pay you high salaries. Therefore, the data entry work from home job salaries are relatively low, and if a job is offering you high wages, you can consider it to be a scam in the first basis. To confirm it, analyse the reliability of the company that is offering you the work from home opportunities.

How to find the fraudulent schemes, if you ask? There are not really any different from the scams that’s happening around you or in other work-from-home industries. The scams can take place in form of payment for free resources, fake certificates, investments, pyramid schemes, precision and accuracy, bogus classes, The most prominent fraud is to make you deposit a small fee to show your consistency and seriousness. Be it a scam or a fraud, the bogus jobs fall into various categories with the simple motive of taking money away from the people who are looking for a job.

Affiliate Marketing:


Yes! Some scams are the marketing opportunities which are usually labelled as the “Non-conventional Data Entry Jobs”. They promise you a big paycheck that you can’t resist and they make you pay for free resources. Affiliate marketing is not an easy method to earn money. You should first construct a site, bring traffic and then generate sales. Therefore, these are only tutorials about marketing which may not be helpful at all. They contain certification, training and classes that are said to be required before going into the work. The fact is there is no absolute turnkey operation that can make you rich through affiliate marketing.

Transcription Jobs:

The Medical transcription jobs are where most of the scams take place. The resources they provide usually contain sophisticated text which makes you think that they’re reliable. However, you will often be asked to pay some fee for enlisting, taking tests and few overhead charges. They say that you will be hired after passing the test which everyone fails. And the coding jobs on the other hand are the impossible things that a beginner can’t do. So don’t get tempted on seeing the huge digits and give in only to find yourself unsuccessful.


Form Filling:

The process of form filling pitches loss of money where even you’re provided with all the details, you will find yourself drowning in the scam because of the bait. You will be asked to send around $200 as a starting fee to allow you to start the business. However, they will also make you pay for the resources that you would have had for free and the money will never be reimbursed at any cost.  So, don’t give in just because it looks so easy and doable.