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The death of a loved one is probably the most disastrous time in a person’s life. On the top of that amongst the chaos and dream-like shock, one has to fulfill many formalities and take instant decisions that makes the time tougher. But here at http://funeralguru.sg/funeral-in-singapore/ you can find the required assistance. This site provides a guide regarding the various services of funeral Singapore being the place of death, where death must be registered within 24 hours. Here, you will find a proper explanation of how things work.

The very first responsibility is to get the CCOD (Certificate of Cause of Death) of the deceased by presenting their identity proof. However, there are various scenarios, according to which CCOD must be procured. Different arrangements are there for different cases, like for death at the hospital, at the house or for death under suspicious/unnatural circumstances. The site guides through the same and offers information about the role of Mortuary@HSA, what to expect there and the documents that would be required.


A very important decision that requires to be made before registering the death is whether the body would be cremated or buried. Following this, as per the site, you can register the death at various locations, according to reference, and bring along documents like the CCOD, NRIC and others and then collect the Death Certificate.

Meanwhile, the site suggests that one can look for a Funeral Director, who would ease this procedure and advice upon and help with bringing the body from home/hospital/mortuary, sending it for embalming, if required and delivering it to the site of the wake. The Funeral Director assists in selecting the type of Funeral Ceremonial Rites depending upon the families-wishes and cost and assists the procedure. Even in deciding the particulars of the Funeral Wake, that is, the location/ funeral parlour and acquiring permissions from the relevant locations and their address, the Funeral Director provides council. All queries related to the same are answered here.


The site also provides details related to cremation or burial of the body. There are several locations mentioned for both the options, with relevant information. If opted for cremation, the ashes, according to the site, may be stored in columbaria niches. The address, cost of different government-based columbaria, their formalities and information regarding the required documents can be found on the site itself.

Your pain and agony is understood here, and thus every attempt is employed to lessen your ache, you can be assured.