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First of all, let’s be ideal here, weddings are not that easy to plan especially the big and grand ones. Of course there are times when they become extremely fun like when you go dress shopping, food tasting and go from one potential wedding venue to the next. The struggle arises when what you want disagrees with your budget. Yes, it’s your big day and you might not get another one like it, we suggest that you look into weddings in gatlinburg.

Chapel in the Glen

One of the top wedding chapels in Gatlinburg, it has won multiple awards because of amazing service. Established at the Great Smoky Mountains, it’s far away from all the hassle and bustle of the city centre. Imagine how romantic and peaceful that is, it’s honestly the perfect set up for your dream wedding. Among the various packages they offer, these are the best:

  1. Mountain Classic – this package features a one and half hour package where the ceremony is preceded by an ordained minister. Not only that but they offer the help of a professional wedding coordinator. Only the freshest and most beautiful flowers go into the bridal bouquet and boutonniere. There are even embossed toasting goblets as well as a 2 night stay at their lodging.
  2. Simple Renewal – of course these are for the couples who want to renew their vows. The maximum guest count of their area is 20 guests. The ceremony will be preceded by their ordained minister and of course tons of photographs are included in the overall package. As far as the flowers go, the package features a silk bridal bouquet and also groom’s boutonniere. To save these precious memories forever, the ceremony will be caught on video aside from pictures and at the end a renewal certificate will be provided.