You might be thinking ‘what can I do with an academic plagiarism checker?’ Well if you have nothing to do with academics and school then there’s very little that you can do with it. On the other hand, teachers and students alike can greatly benefit from the features. Teachers, especially those teaching in graduate school, can thoroughly check all essays and thesis or research papers submitted to them. And students can use this software in order to make sure that they pass subjects under teachers with a strict no plagiarism rule. Manually checking for each line online is a tedious and ineffective method, so why not use an academic plagiarism checker?plagiarism checker software

Copy Leaks        

Plagiarism checkers by Copy Leaks provide amazing service in order to properly check texts, articles and such. With the help of various algorithms and cloud computations, possible copies of the content can be found anywhere online; Copy Leaks search for the file on over 60 trillion pages. They support any language and a handful of file formats namely doc, html, PDF and txt.

They prioritize the content security of all their users with the help of encrypted connections. All the contents as well as results are secured on their database, for the use of the owner. Reports are given in an inclusive and accessible format, all scan results are summarized. Some of the pros and cons include:plagiarism-checker


  • Supports a handful of formats.
  • Supports all languages.
  • Searches content on more than 60 trillion pages all over the internet.
  • Website plagiarism scans are offered.
  • Allows integration of Copy Leaks service, including it as part of the user’s product.
  • Essentially free.


  • Applicable on online contents and searches only.
  • Creating an account is necessary in order to use their services.