Blueberry Waffle Disease is fairly the new STD disease commonly found in women. However, this STD disease can also affect men in different ways. This STD disease is very common in women because the bacteria causing this disease prefer to survive in warm and moist places like vagina. Vagina is the moist and warmer place of the body and hence the bacterium prefers to attack the women more compared to men. Women develop this disease in different ways which you can see in the blueberry waffles disease in women pictures. The picture will also reveal the entire life cycle of the bacteria and how it is caused in women.

Causes of Blue Waffles Disease in Women


The most common cause of developing Blue Waffles Disease in Women is intercourse. Women who are suffering from autoimmune diseases are also likely to develop this STD disease. Women who don’t use proper sanitary practices are likely to develop this disease. Women who prefer using other objects during intercourse are also likely to develop this disease. Foreign objects carry the bacteria if they are not properly cleaned and deposited directly into the vagina causing blue waffles disease in women.

Treatment for Blue Waffles Diseases in Women


There is no specific treatment available in medical science to treat blueberry waffles disease in women. The medical professionals usually prescribe medicines based on your personal conditions. They will evaluate your condition and plan the robust program to treat this new STD disease in women. They will also conduct medical tests to find out the root cause of the STD disease. Usually, the doctors prescribe normal medicines that are used to treat other sexually transmitted diseases. Since blue waffle diseases are caused due to the formation of similar bacterium, the doctor will prescribe some of the common drugs used for the treatment of other STDs.

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