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Cremation itself involves many types of rituals which are considered to be necessary in order to pacify the soul of the dead as it is believed in many religions. Talking about the city of Singapore, there is a huge crematorium that contributes in keeping the city clean in a nice way. This place is meant for the cremation with the use of technologies that help a lot in keeping the environment of the city free from any sort of pollution.

The mandai columbarium has got many things that one can really appreciate the implementation of technologies at this place.

What is mandai columbarium?

This is a huge cremation or rather the remembrance ground which is designed and built for a public cremation set up. In the dormitory, the dead are kept and one can also take the ashes of their remains with them. This crematorium is built in complex and there are many facilities that this building is equipped with.

This is operated by Singaporean government and here most of the citizens are out to rest. In fact, many of the notable persons are buried here too which has led to wide interest in the technologies employed here.

Does the cremation here involve rituals also?

The rituals followed in the cremation are that of Buddhist religion which basically focuses on the philosophy of nirvana. The nirvana philosophy propagates the importance of breaking the cycle of birth and death by curtailing the thought process. It believes warding off the negativities from one’s life is of great importance.

This Theravada philosophy advocates that nirvana is the goal of a human life and that is what it should strive for. Lots of importance is placed upon the mind which remains free from any kind of fretters bad things which traps the person in a vicious circle.

Talking about the rituals there are many things which are followed in the Buddhist cremation process followed here in mandai columbarium. Have a glimpse upon the rituals followed:Elegant-walkway2 In the first place the earth deity is worshipped and the family of the dead offers prayers

  • In front of the tablet, the family members place their offerings
  • Afterwards, the rituals are continued with the joss sticks that are lightenedfengshui-columbarium-1024x578
  • In the final good-bye process, the family members burn the paper money to complete the rituals cycle

These rituals are considered to be of great significance because it is believed that it is because of such rites that the ancestors bless the descendants and offer their protection to them. In the Buddhist philosophy, due significance is given to the rituals and the rightful cremation of the dead.

Off late the government of Singapore has decided to expand the crematorium in order to accommodate more of the demand of nation as the population is increasing. The idea for this crematorium was muted in 1970’s which got materialized finally in the later decades.

What are the facilities in mandai columbarium?

The present structure has been divided in to different segments which are categorized as:

  • Service halls
  • Viewing halls
  • Waiting halls
  • Cremation halls

These divisions are plenty in numbers though, still the demand of the nation has been rising to the sky-high limits and that is why the government has decided to expand it a bit more. The government in Singapore has decided to expand this further so that the environment in the country can be kept clean and free from any kind of pollution that arises out of cremation procedures.

The cremation hall is set to be completed by the year 2019, though there are plenty of the crematorium halls that are in Singapore but this one is approved by the government as well as managed by it too. The other crematoriums are managed by the private firms and do not have this kind of space like that of the mandai columbarium.

At the most this facility handles 15 to 20 cremations per week and off late the numbers have gone higher. Apart from that the cremation slots are also expanded to incorporate more demands from the public. That is the reason that so many changes are being done on a very high level.

What the columbaria is meant for?

The ashes can be stored in the columbaria which are meant to serve the purpose. There are various niches which are offered from the side of the government where the ashes are stored. For some later occasion the ashes can be taken by the family members or the relatives in case they are unable to collect it at the time of cremation.

There are some terms and conditions with which person who is willing to get someone cremated here. The laws related to the payment and the booking hours are needed to be kept in knowledge. You should also check out for the documents which are required to claim the ashes:

  • Certificate of death issued by the concerned authorities
  • Identification papers of the person who is claiming to have the ashes
  • In case the person claiming is not the immediate kin then a letter of authorization is required for the purpose

You must have the working mode of payment which needs to be in the following forms:

  • Cash card
  • Credit card
  • NETS

Provided all of the above information, it is much desired to have the cremation done here because of the facilities that are available. You can all the required information from the concerned authority handling the facility.

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