Most of the people know that having well and enough night sleep is very much important to everyone. But only too few of them are maintaining the habit of getting 8 or more hours of peaceful sleep at night. Many others don’t have sufficient sleep due to work, stress or many other reasons. At the end, they feel always tired and sleepy throughout the day. Getting the enough night sleep will give you more energy and at the same time it will make all your body functions better with no potential problems.sleepy all the time

Different reasons why you feel tired and sleepy:

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome or adrenal fatigue – The adrenal fatigue is basically believed to affect up to 80 % of the men and women worldwide. It is mainly due to the hormone imbalances and lots of other health effects. The adrenal glands of the humans are completely important endocrine glands that will release more than fifty various hormones such as energy regulating adrenaline and cortisol hormones. The chronic fatigue syndrome usually causes the similar symptoms like the adrenal fatigue to give a feel of tiredness at all the times.
  • Thyroid disease – Now days, most of the folks are affected by the thyroid disease from the younger girls to the older adults. This thyroid problem of the humans will cause different symptoms like moodiness, fatigue, weight loss or gain, joint pain and muscle pain, poor work performance, vision problems, changes in your appetite, changes in your body temperature and more.

There are so many other reasons available for this problem of being sleepy and tired at all.always sleepy

Treatments for sleepy feel and tiredness:

  • When the individuals are getting a feel of always tired and sleepy, you have to first change your diet by avoiding excess sugar, caffeine, processed foods, packaged foods, hydrogenated oils and also carbohydrates. Other than these unhealthy options of foods, you can go for the healthy fats, more fresh vegetables & fruits and natural proteins to balance your hormone levels.
  • It is also advised to consume more super foods like ashwagandha, tulsi and also maca powder along with the adaptogen herbs.
  • At the same time, it is always better detoxifying your entire body by using the healthy food items like turmeric, milk thistle, cilantro, chlorella and also several Meta fillings removed from your teeth.
  • Reduce your carbs intake and take healthy fat sources & more lean protein to be healthy and energetic at all the times.

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