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Have you ever afraid that your pets lost its way?  And if it does are you irritating in spending lot of time in time in searching it? Just leave you worries about your pets GPS pet tracking system provides you best way to find your pets with the GPS trackers by using your smart phones and pc. GPS means global positioning system. GPS is a navigation system that provide time and location accurately in all conditions. It is a spaced based navigation system.   GPS pet tracking system is used the track the position of the pet at that time.GPS tracker for pets is the new technology which is used find the exact, accurate position of your in real time. Some pre-defined distance limit is set in the tracker if you’re pet cross that limit GPS tracker will aware you that the pet is crossing the distance limit. GPS tracker send you the history the pet such as where it went at what time when you away or at distance. GPS location almost most found in everywhere and it just uses your mobile data or towers are required. So the GPS tracking system needs a sim and the data to activate. So it’s simply called as GSM cellular tracking systems.

Lets us the top GPS pet trackers in 2016:

The paw tracker:

The paw tracker is one of the best pet tracker available in the market. It uses the GPS satellites to track the pet location and uses the mobile or cellular services and then send information about the pet to owner. The paw tracker is USA based company and customer service is up to great extend and called us in vert quick time for the quires we had. These paw pet trackers increase their market day by day. Now their coverage is recently expanded to some parts of Mexico and Canada. The paw trackers are best suitable for cats as they are very less weight and easy to handle.  Smooth design and 3 collar makes the paw pet crackers make most famous for the stylish and fashionable cats. For this we have to download an app from android or IOS.  When you buy the product we will have an activated sim card with it and there is no need to change your mobile cellular data plan.


The price for this product is $99.99 and the subscription cost is $9.95 extra and life of the battery is very high that is about 2 to 5 days and it very less in weight with just 33 grams.

GIBI pet tracker:

GIBI pet locator is best suitable for dogs. It is gritty, light weight and waterproof.  The GIBI pet locator is specially designed and you can safely fix in the dogs collar. The GIBI pet tracker uses the GIBI’s online web Browser application. You can access it from anywhere in the world with the internet connection by using your handset or computers and you can watch exact position of your buddy pet animal on the google maps. This app makes you fix some safe boundaries if your pet crosses that range then you receive message though text or email alerted that the pet is crossed the predefined boundaries set by you. By using GIBI’s one click option you can check your buddy pets exact location, real time updates and directions.

The price for the product is $ 99.99 and the subscription cost of $9.95 extra and battery life is 1 to 4 days. The weight of the transmitter is about 44 grams.

Garmin GTU 10:

The Garmin GTU 10 pet tracker is waterproof, small and light weight. It can easily fix to the pet collar or whatever is important to you or backpack. When you buy the GTU 10 tracker from the store it comes with standard tracking for one year but the extension is limited to cellular services with in United States of America. So its installation is easy all you need is just register and start it in your Garmin account.


The subscription cost for the Garmin GTU 10 pet tracker is $189.99 with the extra amount of $49.99 for the subscription cost. The life of the battery is 1 to 4 days and weight of the transmitter is just 28 grams. But sadly the product is discounted by the Garmin recently by the Garmin but still many units are found in the online stores such as amazon or filpkart or EBay.

Tractive GPS pet tracker:

The tractive pet tracker is a real time GPS tracker which will used to find your location of the pets always easily. To get the GPS coordinates check your app in android and IOS. When you are away from your friends you can relieve your mind by using your handset. The subscription cost for the tractive GPS pet tracker is about $ 129.99 and with extra cost of $9.95 for the subscription cost. The battery life is also very good with 2-4 days. The weight of the transmitter is 35 grams and 10lbs.



Nuzzle is one of the best pet trackers available in the market. By using this product we can keep up to date about our pet like what is your pet doing in the whole day with the help of the Bluetooth, GPS and an activity tracker. The apparatus can be easily fixed to the collar of your pet and also you can also be climb on your own collar or you can tackle by using the supplied attachment. The best feature in the app is you can also have a view on the on the many factors such as the temperature. And another best thing is you can add multiple pets under one nuzzle pet tracker kit. You can also set the particular boundary limits to your pet. If your pet crosses that limit it will be send the notification that your buddy is crossing the boundary limits. The product has no subscription cost unlike the other pet trackers. The cost of the product is $170 with zero subscription fee and with the changeable battery. The transmitter weight depends on type of the collar you attached to your pet.

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