#1. The Wikimedia Foundation


This is a famous NGO that has been in the frontline in fighting inhuman acts through the use of the media. It covers all parts of the world and its information is evidence based. It has been supporting people who have been victims of war and terror attacks to ensure that they stabilize their economic status and wellbeing for them to live happily at all times. This is what has made to be among the top NGOs in the world.

#2. Partners in Health


It takes care of people who have chronic major conditions that have threatened their lives to great extent. What they do is to cover their medical bills and provide free medication where possible to ensure that people live happily and stress free. They have their own team of medical professionals who can diagnose and administer treatment to the patients.

#3. Care international


This is one of the global NGOs that have been on the long run to promote better health. It deals with neonates, mothers and fathers to solve reproductive health issues that could be compromising the health of the people. It is one of the best way to ensure that population growth is made free from diseases and other health issues.

#4. Cure Violence


This is a peace keeping NGO that has been stopping civil and communal wars among communities in the world. It has the best trained military personnel, sophisticated fighting weapons and armored vehicles to be able to stop any war.