Normally, people who get hickeys would either be extremely embarrassed or simply would not care. Almost everyone has experienced giving or getting a hickey at least once in their lives but most of the time we would still be ashamed when someone saw it. You’re left to hide the hickey with accessories, wear high collared shirts or find an effective tip on how to get rid of a hickey. Take note that we’re not offering magic so that hickey won’t completely disappear in an hour, unless you use make up, but these tips will hasten the healing process.

Pack on the Vitamin K

First off, Vitamin K has tons of coagulation properties; these properties are what help treat bruises. The Vitamin K that you intake aids the body in absorbing the pooled or built up blood, so this is how the hickeys can heal faster with Vitamin K.

  • Just about any kind of cream that’s filled with Vitamin K and its properties can be applied on and around the hickey. Do this for two or three times a day.
  • Another option would be to consume Vitamin K rich food like brown rice and broccoli. A few days of eating these can remove that hickey in no time.

Using a Warm Compress

Just like applying a cold press, you can also apply a warm compress to help remove hickeys faster. The comfortable warmth will help dilate the blood capillaries and ease the flow of the new blood; this also clears up the cloth.

  • Grab a warm towel, remove any excess arm water and place it on the affected area for about five minutes. We suggest that you do this about three times in a day.
  • Another option would be to use a hair dryer on the area as you gently massage it in order to stimulate the area.

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