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We all have a favorite TV show, even when it is not being aired anymore. For the mosf part we love TV shows that are constantly being aired and new episodes fly out. However, most of the time, we don’t have the time to watch TV at the moment our show is on.

Some would scream; Netflix! However, the idea of spending eight dollars a month to be coerced by your little brother out of your account is just not okay with you. You want something personal. You want something you don’t have to stream but can if you wished to. You want something with a vast repertoire of TV shows and if that is the case my friend, you want Showbox.

There are hundreds of free movie and TV show watching services and apps out there. Nonetheless, showbox posseses a friendly interface, a download and a stream button and a database worth envying. The best part of it all os that as an Android user it is absolutely free! Iff you don’t mind an occasional pop up or an ad, this app will be perfect for you.

Now, for the most grand surprise you’ll have with this glorious app is that contraire to what its name will sell you it also offers you movie downloads. Which is great because we all need a break from the addictive series binge watching. Showbox download is completely free and completely secure on your phone. You can download the Showbox from hereĀ http://www.showboxapp.co.uk
You can choose to save the movie or show file on your internal or external memory or simply stream it. The app is small in size and provides you with a wide array of movies and shows old, not so old and as new as posible. The app is not available on the Play Store but it can be downloaded on the side.

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