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The great outdoors is always best for events and celebrations. The structures that add life to your outdoor event can either be a Marquee or a gazebo. When seeking marquee for sale People are often unsure of the difference between these two structures. Here is a brief explanation;

The difference between both

Both marquees and gazebos are waterproof garden structures which are used to provide shelter for outdoor events. Both are used for the same purpose but differ in various aspects. Their applications include weddings, camping, parties, barbeques, festivals, and lots more. Here is where they both differ;


their sizes vary however, marquees are considerably much larger than Gazebos and are better for large capacity ceremonies, while gazebos are simply aesthetic outdoors structures for relaxations. Gazebos give your garden a lift in looks when placed strategically, but they cannot contain large numbers of people.


the luxurious looks of the marquee is often a symbol of high status. Marquees are often used for various purposes as well such as camping and to create shelter for supplies of even medical isolations for patients depending on the design. Gazebos are limited in usage and mostly just qualify for a hangout spot where one can have a cup of tea with few people and nothing more.


the marquee is caved with a surrounding covering, providing complete covering for events on all sides, while gazebos are mostly open structures which do not necessarily need enclosing walls.


lights, flowers and other decorations are often required for marquees since they are used for major outdoor events. Decorations also depend on what time of the day the event begins and may last for. Marquees look simply magnificent when riddled with thousands of mini-light bulbs. Gazebos do not demand a lot of decorations. They come with their own aesthetic and look attractive enough for any occasion.

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