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Through the years, one of the aspects of culture and society that has never seemed to be left out would most definitely have to be the form of recreation. One of the most popular forms of recreation known even today, is sports, which in itself has already spawned several types and subtypes. From physical sports which require you to be in an actual playfield and use dedicated equipment, to eSports just like BandarQ which you can play from behind a computer. Apart from recreation and a great means to have fun, team sports, whether it be physical sports or eSports, will build a bunch of positive traits in their players. What are some of these traits?


Not everybody gets it right the first time. This is one lesson that team sports teach those who engage in them. This is because great practice is needed in order for you to get what is expected of you as a player of the game. Athletes and eSports players will spend countless hours practicing, pretending like it’s the final day, just so that they get it the best way they could.


A lot of people have made friends over a common interest. Belonging to a team playing the same sport implies, and you have to be in the best of terms in order to work towards a common goal. Playing sports will help to build camaraderie, and thus will teach you to settle your differences you have with your teammates and instead, dwell on your common goals.

Critical Thinking

For what use is physical strength without a good or high mental capacity? It really matters that people know what they’re doing in the game. Thinking critically is what would help players to be able to yield a fool proof playing strategy for victory to be within their reach.

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