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Ladies! Have you heard of the hero instinct? This may sound a little funky or made up but I assure you that this is more real than anything you can think of and can greatly affect your relationship with your man… or perhaps it already is.

Now let’s analyze this situation; you have been catering to your man, doing a lot of heavy lifting, petting, spoiling, and babysitting. He may appreciate your efforts and this may be straight from the heart as well, but you are missing one key thing… the hero instinct. It is the reason why he may seem distant when you do a good deed. It’s the reason why you are not getting the full appreciation that you deserve. So what is the hero instinct? You can find out about it here on http://www.fidelitydating.com/his-secret-obsession-hero-instinct-review.

If you are familiar with comics or Hollywood action movies you would notice that the male character is always coming to the rescue of the damsel in distress, he is always being looked up to by the lady and he is the one who does all the heavy lifting, petting, and everything that you have generously taken upon yourself to execute.

Maybe it’s the adventurous side in men, or it’s the alpha personality beckoning, but men always want to feel needed, they need to be relevant, they absolutely have to be respected and regarded. Do not throw that dog a bone, allow the dog earn his bone. It improves his self confidence and renews the spark in the relationship.

There are very easy ways that you can trigger his hero instincts and one major technique is “can you help me with something?” asking a man for help automatically makes him feel relevant, needed and he would go the extra length to prove his worth. You have successfully allowed him to be your hero with just one powerful phrase, congratulations!

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